IMPORTANT: Please take notice and be advised that the JCIA has moved to a new location (all visitors and mail requests should follow the address below):
Jersey City Municipal Complex
Attn: JCIA
13-15 Linden Avenue East, Suite 300
Jersey City, New Jersey 07305


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Oren K. Dabney, Sr.The Board of Commissioners, Executive Staff and Employees of the JCIA would like to personally thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to visit our website outlining the vital quality of life services that are provided and available to you as residents of the City of Jersey City.

At the JCIA, we are all committed on a daily basis to improving and responding to every standard and/or emergency quality-of-life projects or services for each and every Jersey City resident with the utmost pride and dedication.

This is why we are responsible for providing an array of standard and emergency services such as the Collection and Disposal of Residential Solid Waste and Recycling Materials, Property Maintenance, Graffiti Removal, Mechanical Street Sweeping, Demolition, Environmental Compliance, Community and Private Container Services, Snow Plowing and Removal, the Car Pound and Environmental Education Services.

Our very professional and dedicated staff is always available by appointment for presentations at schools, companies, community meetings and for any group that has an interest in services provided by the JCIA.

The JCIA is always willing and able to answer any and all questions and concerns residents may have with regard to our services. Feel free to contact our offices Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4pm at 201-432-4645 ext. 600.

Finally, please don't be fooled by our name, be aware that the JCIA hasn't incinerated trash since 1974 in order to protect the environment.


Jersey City Incinerator Authority
13-15 Linden Avenue East, Suite 300
Jersey City, New Jersey 07305

Oren K. Dabney, Sr., C.P.W.M./C.R.P.
Chief Executive Officer