Residential Waste Collection and Disposal

Did you know that Jersey City is one of the most densely-populated cities in the most densely-populated state? That's why our programs are so important.

Through its contractor, Regional Industries, JCIA is responsible for the collection and disposal of all residential and small store waste not exceeding six garbage cans per collection day. Curbside collection is provided twice a week, including holidays.

Bulk waste removal (appliances, furniture, etc.) is also collected during these two pickups. We do require that you notify Jersey City Incinerator Authority at (201) 432-4645 ext. 600, to schedule a bulk waste pickup.

Some appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners are considered recyclable items and are not to be placed out for garbage collection. Such a pickup must also be scheduled in conjunction with your recycling collection day by calling the JCIA at (201) 432-4645 ext. 600.


The Jersey City Incinerator Authority implemented a curbside recycling program in 1985. Currently the Authority requires residents to recycle all mixed newspaper in addition to magazines, junk mail, office paper, telephone books, cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes and laundry detergent boxes.

Such materials must be tied or placed in recycling containers and placed curbside no earlier than 7:00 PM the night before your scheduled collection day.

Co-mingled materials which include glass bottles, aluminum cans, metal cans, milk cartons, drink boxes, water containers, food containers, household cleaner containers, laundry detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, and other related plastic containers can all be placed curbside in a recycling container no earlier than 7:00 PM the night before your scheduled collection day.

Recyclables must not be placed out for collection in plastic bags. Placing such in plastic bags seriously hinders our recycling process. Recyclables shall be placed in large plastic containers.

Refrigerators and air conditioners require special collection. Residents must notify JCIA at (201) 432-4645 ext. 600 to schedule a pickup.

The Authority also provides for a drop-off center, where residents can dispose of tires and other debris as deemed necessary by the Authority.

Such must be disposed of Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM at our Route 440 facility. Proof of residence is required.

The Authority also provides for a special Leaf Collection and Christmas Tree Collection program. You can also identify your recycling zone and related collection day by reviewing those related sections of this web site.

Recycle Steps - Step towards a cleaner community. Introducing two new recycling steps you need to take.

Recycle Zone Map - Locate where you live, then note your collection day to help Jersey City keep the world clean.

Special Recyclable - Find out how to recycle such things as wood, leaves, Christmas trees, tires, paint cans, and oil/antifreeze.

Leaf Collection - LEAF BAGS HAVE ARRIVED! Jersey City Incinerator Authority will be distributing FREE biodegradable brown bags for proper disposal of leaves. Visit our link to find out where and when they will be handed out.

Absolutely NO Plastic Bags

All glass, cans, plastics, milk and juice containers, as well as drink boxes, may be combined and placed in large reusable containers.

Newspapers and other paper items can be bundled and tied with cord or string and placed at the curb.


Know the recycling zone you live in. If you are not sure please check our website at or call our office at 201-432-4645.

Items such as air conditioners and refrigerators must be scheduled for a special pickup; please call our office to make an appointment.

Leaf Collection